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What to do if the keys are locked in the car


More often than it seems, we lose our car keys or leave them inside. Do you know what to do in such cases? Most people tend to break the glass to get into the car, but this is a mistake, we explain all the steps you have to follow if you lose your car keys. And the company Lockedout London will help you get out of this unpleasant situation by opening the car door.

Tips on how to avoid this
The first thing you should know if you lose your car keys is that there is always a solution and you don’t have to worry. It’s normal that you have a duplicate of the car keys in a safe place in case something happens, and if you don’t have one, we recommend that you make a copy.

Duplicate key
When you buy a new car, the dealer gives you two copies of the car key. Usually one instance will be much simpler than the other, without a central locking system and with a simple design. As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a duplicate key, get it as soon as possible.

I lost my car keys and I don’t have a copy
It all depends on the type of key you have lost, if these are very new keys that even connect to the phone, making a new copy will be more expensive than if it is a more recent key. You should distinguish that losing keys is not the same as stealing them. Some insurance policies include a new set of keys and replacement of the car lock if necessary. Check your home insurance carefully, because some of them include, among other things, theft of car keys.

Another option is to call the brand support number, as some insurers offer services for collecting, copying and delivering the second key.

How do I get a new key?
You have to prove that the car belongs to you, and they will require documentation from you, such as the DNI and the documentation of the car with the chassis number. They will also ask you for the key code that the brand supplies with the documentation for the car. We recommend that you have all this controlled data documentation at home or in a safe place so that it does not take you by surprise.

How much does a duplicate car key cost?
Duplicate keys is the best option, the one you have to do yes or yes to avoid more evil. An additional set of keys may cost differently, depending on the type of key, make or model of the car. That is why we always advise you to make a duplicate key in a safe place.


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