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Professionally opening the car without damage in case of loss of keys


Opening a car without a key is more common than you think. It often happens that car owners leave the key in the car. When a person realizes this, he often panics. Forgetting the key in the car is a disaster. Especially if you have an appointment or need to be on time. Fortunately, there are several techniques that can be applied when the car is locked with a key in it. It is possible to hack the car yourself without damage. If you did not succeed, Devon and Cornwall car locksmiths will help you on https://csvehiclelocksmiths.co.uk/services/car-locksmiths/

1. Open the car without a key? Use a clothes hanger
You can open the car without a key in a simple way using a hanger. This option is ideal if the car is near your house. Every home has a clothes hanger in the closet or hallway. Unfold the clothes hanger and slide it through the side window of the front door of the car. Then hook the hanger to the lock mechanism of the car. It is important to perform this method of opening the car without damage. This is possible with the use of soft tissues. By the way, this trick is easiest to do on old cars with a manual lock. With a newer machine, a little more effort is required.

2. Hacking a car without damage? Use a shoelace
The shoelace offers a solution that allows you to open the car without a key. It may be another string. The intention is to make a sliding knot in the middle so that the rope can be tightened later. You slide the end through the corner of the door and then let the button fall on the door handle. Then pull the rope to tighten the knot and open the car without damage.

3. Did you leave the key in the car? Use a windshield wiper
Forgot your key in the car? This is not a problem, even if you do not have a hanger or a shoelace at hand. Breaking into a car without damage is also possible using your car’s windshield wiper. This option is especially convenient if the car door is ajar. Then take the wiper and stop it through the slot. The wiper offers the possibility of unlocking the unlock button.

4. Use a screwdriver
A screwdriver is a common tool for opening a car without a key. The only drawback is the possibility of damage. That’s why it’s really an emergency solution that you use if there is no other trick to open the machine. Use a flat screwdriver that you place diagonally under the lock. Then you hit the screwdriver and the car lock opens. To avoid damage, you can use a fabric that protects the paint.


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