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Shredding in Windsor


Removal of documents and their destruction (utilization is easy, and not all unnecessary documents can be simply taken and thrown into the trashcan. Often, personal data of employees, accounting archives and financial documents, as well as bank agreements and other reporting papers contain confidential and sometimes classified information, that can seriously damage the safety and financial well-being of your business if it falls into the hands of competitors. Employees of your company during the day throw out accounting and financial documents, confidential business correspondence, other documents, together with plastic files, metal clips and staples into a special drive, saving their working time. That is why the recycling of such documents requires the same professional approach and even closer attention. Shredding services will help you in solving such problems.

paper shredding windsor

If you need to destroy and dispose of documents of your organization, or archives of documents, directly in your presence — you can order the service «mobile shredder» by contacting us by phone or by sending e-mail. Based on your application, at the agreed time, we will send your address a specially equipped car and specialists to solve your questions. According to a pre-agreed schedule for the removal of documentation — the contents of the storage containers will be destroyed by a mobile shredder in the presence of your employee, or at our production site, at your choice. «Onsite shredder» — if you need to destroy documents or archives of an organization directly on your territory and in your presence, we will send to you a special vehicle with modern high-tech equipment and trained personnel to destroy documents, plastic files, and computer disks down to smaller fragments. The on-site shredder service can be ordered at any time. Whether you need shredding or windsor recycling, Shred Monster can serve you fast and secure. In cases when the volume of accumulated paper archives is more than 1-2 tons in weight, and you would not like to be near the car for a long time but have visual control the process of their destruction, in order to save your time, our company offers the service of «export of archives and their shredding at our production site» turnkey «. We will take prepared documents, pack them in our container, seal them, deliver them to our base, dispose of them, and give you certificates and a video report on disposal. «Turnkey shredder» — the destruction of documents at our site. Indeed, sometimes the volumes of accumulated paper archives over the years can be impressive and measured in tons. In order to save your time, we offer a turnkey shredder service. We will promptly take the documents prepared by you, deliver them to our base, dispose of and give you certificates and a video report on the work done. Since the mobile shredder is equipped with a visual control device for the shredding process. Just tell us: time, address, and quantity. Our production base has all the necessary modern high-tech equipment and trained personnel to destroy documents, plastic files, and computer disks down to smaller fragments. You should tell us when we need to drive up to your office and our specialists will choose for you the best option for disposing of your documents, as well as the time convenient for you. In addition, we know the specifics of the work of enterprises in various industries, services, healthcare, government services, the banking sector, and other areas, and we best apply our knowledge in practice. We guarantee CONFIDENTIALITY, SECURITY, SPEED, QUALITY, and minimum costs for any shredding services windsor, colorado.


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