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What to do if you lost your last car keys


The locksmith is regularly called to open a wide variety of vehicles. From expensive cars to big trucks and even bike locks. With the right tools and the right know-how, any lock can be opened. And you can call a specialist in the UK at https://wevegotthekey.co.uk/leicester/

It works as follows: we respond to your call and the master immediately leaves for you. He gains access to your vehicle, possibly with special tools, after which you can use your keys again and get on with your day.

Guaranteed access to your car within 30 minutes?

Call our auto mechanic now, who is available 24/7 and every day helps people open cars, trucks, caravans, as well as bike locks or other vehicles. Open your car cheaply, quickly and professionally without a key. 100% no damage!

We offer the following car services:

  • opening a car door;
  • trunk opening;
  • replacement and duplication of keys;
  • take the broken key out of the lock.

Opening the car without a key

If you have lost your car key or the key is still in your car or trunk and the doors are locked, our car mechanic can help you. If your keys are still in the car, all you have to do is open the door and you can use your key again.

Create a new car key

In cases where the car key is irretrievably lost and you do not have a spare key, we can also open the car without a key so that you can access your belongings. But for the ignition and door locks to work, you will have to create a new car key. This process depends on the type of car key, the presence of a transponder in it, and also depends on the make and type of car. Therefore, it is always done in consultation.

In all cases, our car mechanic is within 30 minutes from the moment of your call at the place you specified for 100% accident-free opening of your car. Interested in cost? View the list of rates.


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